Energielabel Aldenhuijsen

Approved energy label consultant

When requesting an energy label, always check with Central register engineering Whether you are dealing with a recognised energy label adviser. The company must be accredited to issue energy labels.

For several years now, an energy label has been compulsory when selling a house. Such a label shows how well a house is insulated and what other measures the owner has taken to reduce energy consumption. The label is important for the selling price of a house.

From 1 January 2021, it will no longer be possible to apply for an energy label online. An energy label consultant will now visit the property to inspect it. The energy label will then be registered in the official national database of EP online.

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Does my property already have an energy label?

To find out if your property already has an energy label, you can visit energielabel.nl

Energy labels are valid for 10 years. Only when there has been a renovation and new insulation has been installed, underfloor heating has been laid or solar panels have been installed, for example. Then it is advisable to apply for a new label. You may then get a more favourable label with your house and therefore sell your house better. It is also interesting for buyers to buy a house with a higher energy label. This is because it may allow them to get a discount on their mortgage interest.


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