Energielabel Aldenhuijsen


  • Why is an energy label mandatory?

    With the energy label, the government wants to inform owners about the energy efficiency of a building. The government also wants to use it to encourage owners to take energy-saving measures.

    The energy label shows which measures are possible in the building. For example, insulation of the roof or installing solar panels

  • How long is an energy label valid?

    Energy labels remain valid for 10 years. This applies to both labels determined according to NEN 7120 and those determined according to NTA 8800.

  • How soon will I have the energy label?

    We always deliver the energy label very quickly. No more than 3 days after the Energy Performance Advisor's visit.

  • The previous owner still has an energy label can I use it?

    Yes you can. However, have modifications been made to the house such as new glazing, underfloor heating, solar panels, new insulation, etc.? Then it is advisable to apply for a new energy label as this will affect the energy class.

    And the better the energy rating the more interesting it is for buyers to buy your home.

  • What kind of documents should I provide?

    If you invoices with address has of adapted home facilities of, for example, new glazing, floor heating, solar panels, new insulation etc. Is it convenient to submit these to us. This can ultimately make a difference on your energy label.

    NOTE: quotations of alterations cannot be used in the file. Only invoices with the address of the property.

    And a floor plan of the property if available.

  • How do I know if the party is certified for an energy label?

    Always check whether the relevant party is authorised to issue energy labels. You can do this on the website of Central Registry of Engineering.

  • I need an energy label urgently. Is that possible?

    Of course, you may need an energy label sooner. We can deliver an energy label within 1 day at an additional cost of €125

    Of course if space is available. Please take contact us by phone.

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