Energielabel Aldenhuijsen

Privacy Statement


This privacy policy concerns only your-energy-label customers and users of our online services. Your-energy label makes sure that your data is protected when you use our services. Therefore, we have a policy stating how your personal data is processed and protected. You can find changes to this data policy online. 



When you provide your personal data, you consent to us using it to fulfil our obligations to you and provide you with the service you expect from us. We need your data to: 

  • Processing and dispatching your orders via our online services
  • Answering your questions, and informing you about new and/or changed services
  • To make sure you are of legal age associated with online shopping  

We will not store your data for longer than necessary to perform our services or for as long as we are required by law. Thereafter, your personal data will be deleted. We cannot delete your data in case of a legally established storage obligation, such as rules related to accounting, or when there are other legal reasons to keep such data, such as ongoing contractual relations. 


3. | RIGHTS 

You have the right to request information about the personal data we hold on you. Should the data be incorrect, incomplete or not applicable, you can ask us to amend or delete the data. You have an annual right to request written documentation of the personal data relating to your account. To request this information, please contact our Customer Service. You may withdraw your consent to the use of your data for marketing purposes (e.g. sending catalogues, newsletters or offers) at any time.  



We will never forward/sell/exchange your data to/with third parties for marketing purposes outside Energielabel Aldenhuijsen. Energielabel Aldenhuijsen only forwards data to third parties to fulfil our obligations to you. For example, Energielabel Aldenhuijsen forwards data to suppliers and shipping partners in connection with shipments. Energielabel Aldenhuijsen may also pass on your personal data to organisations such as credit control or debt collection agencies in connection with of credit checks, identity checks, keeping track of creditworthiness and performing debt collections. 

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