Energielabel Aldenhuijsen

Discount on your mortgage with energy label

Many mortgage lenders give discounts on your mortgage with an energy label B or higher. They call this sustainability discount.

But even if you already own a home and need to fix a new interest rate, it is often possible to get an extra discount for an energy-efficient home. For this, of course, you must have a recognised energy label and have an energy-efficient home. If you do not yet have one, it is sometimes interesting to install solar panels, have your facade additionally insulated or get a new boiler, for example. This will in fact affect your home's energy label.

This does not mean that you go from energy label G to energy label A right away. Other aspects such as year of construction also affect your energy label. Only when the entire house has been renovated can there be a big jump to a better energy label.

Energy label application house

Extra discount for energy-efficient homes

Find out if your mortgage lender also offers sustainability discounts.

Most mortgage lenders as below already have it, but more and more are coming in.

  • ASN
  • ASR
  • Attens Mortgages
  • Florius
  • Lot Mortgages
  • Obvion
  • Rabobank
  • Triodus
  • Van Lanschot
  • Vista Mortgages
  • Woonnu
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